Blue Devils News · Scam Alert: Watch out for false fundraising for unaffiliated companies

To the local community:

On behalf of White House High School, we would like to make you aware of our fundraising efforts for our teams and students at WHHS. Several companies occasionally approach the community about fundraising efforts for our students and teams. Most recently, a company called Spirit Star (also a company called Touchdown Sports based out of Texas) has been contacting local businesses offering a t-shirt or banner sponsorship.

Most specifically, Spirit Star is offering a T-shirt for football season at a cost of $599 as a “FUNDRAISER.” The company prints six dozen shirts, offers you and your business a small number of shirts, and promises the rest to be given away through the school. While the t-shirts are indeed printed and your logo is used, the company is NOT AFFILIATED with WHHS and NO MONEY BENEFITS THE SCHOOL.

Other similar affiliates:

  • Sports Promotion Network/Spirit Stop – Grand Prairie, Texas
  • End Zone Athletics – Grand Prairie, Texas
  • NATHSPA (National High School Printing Association) – Fort Worth, Texas
  • The Spirit Star – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Touchdown Sports – Fort Worth, Texas

Please do not accept third party advertising requests from any company without first verifying its authenticity with the office of White House High School.

All fundraising for our teams and students should be generated from our coaches, athletic supporters, student athletes and administration. Any outside firm which has not officially partnered with WHHS should be viewed with caution. If the company cannot prove its affiliation with our school, the use of copyrighted logos and express permission and partnership with us, PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT IT.

White House High School does not question the legitimacy of a company like Spirit Star, however we would like to remind you that efforts like this are not beneficial to our school in any way. How they conduct their business is a manner of their own prerogative, but using our school as a foundation to make profits without any return is unacceptable.

Please be vigilant. We appreciate our community support and could not operate without it, and always make sure those requests are coming from the people you know, work with, live with and partner with in our school and community every day.

Kris Freeman, Sports Information Director

White House High School

Questions: contact a school administrator at 615-672-3761