Blue Devils News · It’s Slushie Season at White House High School

By Kathleen Pierson for White House High School DECA

It’s a new season at White House High School. A slushie season!

White House cafeteria has now been graced with a kitchen that now serves slushies. For $1.50, you can get an ice cold frozen beverage from the cafeteria. The flavors of the slushies are: coconut, mocha, blue raspberry, strawberry, strawberry-banana, and orange.

White House has answered students requests by not only providing more options for us to eat, but now they are providing more snacks, and beverages. I had the privilege of speaking to the cafeteria staff, and the head cafeteria cook said she was extremely excited about the new addition to the kitchen!

It makes me happy to know that the sweet cafeteria ladies not only take pleasure in their job, but also take pride in the joy they bring us student by serving us lunch, snacks, and now slushies every day. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about the new addition to the lunch room.

Make sure to stop by the cafeteria to grab a slushie, and thank our excellent staff!