Blue Devils News · WHHS students elect Teacher Superlatives

White House High School teachers and students elected the 2019-2020 teacher superlatives in 12 categories for the yearbook. A Google form was used to collect votes and limited to White House students and employees with a Sumner Schools email addresses. Pictures for teacher superlatives will be taken soon and appear in the yearbook. To order a yearbook, it’s $65 and you can go to and search White House High School.

2019-2020 White House High School Teacher Superlatives

Most Likely to Give Homework

  • David Hatcher and Emily Higdon

Best Dressed

  • Mitchell Baker and Ann Miller

Most Likely to Win a Rap Battle

  • Bryce Bumbalough, Officer Cliff Nelson, Shari Garrett, Tiffany Smith, and Mike Felzien

Most Likely to Teach Here Forever

  • Mike Akridge and Sandra Edson

The Badge Police

  • Bill Rappuhn and Leslie Lasher

Scariest Death Glare

  • John Hill and Cindy Towers

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Student 

  • A.J. Day and Ashli Burton

Most Likely to go Off Topic

  • John Davis and Betsy Jones

Most Likely to Get Famous on Tik Tok

  • T.C. Aric and Margaret Broersma

Most School Spirit

  • Ryan Hamilton and Ann Hali-Blewett

Biggest Motivator/Most Inspirational 

  • Mark Lamberth and Ana Willbanks

Mr. and Mrs. BDP

  • Kris Freeman and Jessica Watson