Boys Varsity Wrestling · Wrestling: Young Devils finding their legs in early season

By Kris Freeman for White House Blue Devils

The White House wrestling has had three matches in the early season and competed in the prestigious Harpeth Invitational Tournament on Saturday, with only two wrestlers able to get a win in a very tough field.

Aiden Rogers picked up a victory in the 132-pound class and Tyler Hammond in the 120.

“That is a very tough tournament for young wrestlers,” said White House head coach Mark Lamberth. “It’s a long growth process that you must go through to be good in this sport. Tyler and Aiden both got wins and that’s very big for a freshman at this tourney.”

Evan Shankle also got three wins early in the season against Hunters Lane, LaVergne and Gallatin.

Hunters Lane defeated White House, 41-36. LaVergne won 60-18.

In the match against Hunters Lane:

  • Tanner Carpenter (White House) over Matthew Souksangouane (Hunters Lane) (Fall 1:45)
  • Evan Shankle (White House) over Dustin Senec (Hunters Lane) (Fall 0:55)
  • Tony Jeffrey (White House) over Ben Gleaves (Hunters Lane) (Fall 2:33)
  • Cole Thompson (White House) over Unknown (For.)
  • Aiden Rogers (White House) over Unknown (For.)
  • Shane Tompkins (White House) over Grelad Chubb (Hunters Lane) (Fall 4:56)

In a match against LaVergne:

  • Cole Thompson (White House) over Kevin Richardson (Lavergne) (Fall 5:38)
  • Aiden Rogers (White House) over Daniel Dominguez (Lavergne) (Fall 1:53)
  • Evan Shankle (White House) over tyler bounds (Lavergne) (Fall 5:05)

Gallatin defeated White House, 42-36 on Monday:

  • Aiden Rigers (White House) over Unknown (For.)
  • Tanner Carpenter (White House) over Ethan McClean (Gallatin) (Fall 2:47)
  • Evan Shankle (White House) over Zachery Choate (Gallatin) (Fall 0:22)
  • Tony Jeffrey (White House) over Unknown (For.)
  • Cade Hutcherson (White House) over Chance Leveelz (Gallatin) (Fall 3:15)
  • Cole Thompson (White House) over Colin Jaynes (Gallatin) (Fall 0:38)